Quizz Rules

Art 1. The concept

The buyer of an equestrian video may participate free of charge in a quiz that allows the winner to receive the competition horse illustrated in the video. The horse will participate in 10 competitions which, the videos will be seen on the website of IPSport. The purchase of the presentation video of the horse allows to participate to the quizz.

Only the first right response of each participant will be recorded. A right response gives 100 point to the participant.

During the quiz, a participant may invite friends via the website IPSport provided for this purpose. Every friends who participate to the quiz gives 1 point to the one who invited him.

The winner of the game is the one with the least number of points added. In the case of a tie-breaker draw, the fastest response wins the horse

The winner will be personally notified by IPSport and then has 15 days to collect the horse at his/her own expense at IPSport facilities. After this time, IPSport will consider that the winner has relinquished the horse and will not require nor pursue for any compensation.

Art 2. The questions

The question of the Quiz concerns the performances of the parents of the horses presented on the website.
The answers are wellknown before the start of the quiz and have been published officially.

Art.3 Sponsorship

Each participant can transmit the announcement of the quiz to friends (sponsorship). Inviting a friend to participate must be made via the website IPSport provided for this purpose.

Art 4. The Participants

All entries must only be made via the IPSport website provided for this purpose. Participation is only effective after payment has been received by IPSport for the purchased video.
Each participant must create an account on the quiz website.
The ranking of participants will be based on each individual account.

The quiz will be closed 10 days after the last of the 10 competitions presented on the website.

IPSport staff members, IpSport riding club members and direct suppliers cannot participate in the quiz.

Art. 5 Cancellation of the Quizz

IPSport may cancel the quiz under the following circumstances:
-          If the horse is injured or cannot participate in 10 competitions during the 6 months after the first competition.
-          If an insufficient number of contestants is not reached: IPSport decides for each horse the minimum number of required contestants in the quiz. This number is clearly indicated in the horse descriptive in the HOME menu.

If the quizz is canceled, IpSport will not refund the purchased videos.

Art. 6 Dispute

In case of dispute, the judicial authorities of the district of Liège (Belgium) will decide.
Any dispute must be submitted before the week following the closing of the quiz.